Are You Looking Forward to Trace

Where You are Originally From?

I suggest you begin with Ghana!

Yes Africa Our Origination

Being an African, or more accurately a Ghanaian and Nigerian, I understand what it feels like to be surrounded by people who look just like you, who connect with you physically and spiritually. Oh!  It will be  a great joy when you know or discover where you belong

I am Dora Kodilinye. Allow my team and I the honor of helping you to connect with the history, the culture and the people in the land where you belong. We aim to make all of your dreams of coming to Africa a reality. You will experience first-hand the culture, tradition, landscape and the amazing people of Ghana

Why Choose Kodilinyetours

We offer customized tours to the most popular destinations in Ghana

Unique Destinations

In addition to the more popular destinations, my team and I pride ourselves on our willingness to get off of the beaten path to create bespoke experiences for our clients.

Worth of Money

There is not a better way to spend money, than spending money on travel. Things will get old or obsolete, an experience is with you forever. Forbe Magazine and others agree.

Wonderful Places

We do our best to provide a wonderful experience by exposing you to authentic Ghanaian cuisine, culture and historic places along with Accra's day and night life.

Popular Destinations

Check out the list of places you can travel to by joining us.

Our trip outline

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